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HOWIE: Eu tinha 12 anos a primeira vez que beijei uma garota. Aproveitando o aniversário de um amigo, todos os convidados decidiram fazer a brincadeira da garrafa. "Esse dia beijei as 3 garotas mais bonitas do colégio. Foi a melhor festa", lembra Howie.


BRIAN: Foi um pouco precoz, já que não só a garota do beijo teve que tomar a iniciativa, como era maior que ele. "Íamos caminhando para a sua casa e na hora de nos despedir Michelle me beijou".


KEVIN: é ele que tem melhor lembrança de seu primeiro beijo, aos 12 anos. Foi enquanto patinava no gelo com sua amiga Jena o que deu em um lindo beijo, conta.


A.J: Foi no colégio, onde estudava tinha uma grade que separava os pátios , Heather assim ela se chamava, estava no outro lado do pátio. Se aproximaram e se beijaram.


NICK: Ele foi o mais ousado dos cinco, já que não só teve que tomar a iniciativa com a garota como também teve que espantar o rival que se aproximava fortemente. Tudo passou enquanto trabalhava em um musical. Bryn (a garota) era a estrela principal. Ele a esperou atras do palco e sem pensar duas vezes a beijou.


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Entrevista com o Aj e o Brian!

Essa tah em INGLES ! Quem quiser me ajudar a traduzir eu agradeço !

Were you popular at school?

AJ: No,I didn't hang out with the cool people.I was kinda quiet and kept to myself.I was Mr.Comedian when I was with my own friends,but otherwise I was mostly quiet.I also got pretty good grades

Do you ever worry that what happened to The New Kids On The Block might happen to you?

B-Rok: No,we're not worried-i'm not anyway. Granted the new kids are not around now but they were very succesful and they were very popular. I think any group would like to have their level of success. As a band we're a lot tighter,we're closer. And even if it did all end tomorowI'd go back and finish school.

When you see an attractive girl,what's the first thing you look at?

AJ: *looks mischievous* Do you want me to be honest or should I lie? If she's looking at me then her eyes but if she's not then,erm...her booty. I watch it go from side to side.I doesn't matter what size it is but...*looks ashamed*Yeah, I know, I'm a man. I'm sorry.

Does someone make you wear stuff with Backstreet Boys logos on it all the time?

B-rok: *looks hurt* We own Backstreet Boys underwear but we're never forced to wear it. We had Backstreet Boys tour jackets but it makes sense to wear them if it is cold,didn't it? The merchandise is provided for us but we don't have to wear it.

Would you show your privates in public for the right amount of money?

AJ: Why do I get all the nasty questions? Well, hell no. That's why they call em' privates.I dont think so *long pause* Wee-ll, it get's technical. If it's for TV,it''s one thing. If it's in a public place, it's different.It would have to be a lot of money cos that's private stuff.

What wouldn't you do to further your career?

AJ: I wouldn't.....

B-Rok: *raises his eyebrows* Show your privates in public?

AJ: I wouldn't change my personality, I wouldn't try to be something i'm not, and go off and be crazy.

When will you stop calling yourselves the Backstreet Boys and start calling yourselves the Backstreet Men?

AJ: When Nick turns 18!

B-rok: I don't think we'll ever change it.When we picked the name Backstreet Boys we intended it to last us forever. When we get older,when we grow up,we're gonna keep it,like the Beach Boys did,y'now. If we felt it was necesary we could drop the Boys and just be Backstreet

Do you dress in disguise when you go out?

AJ: Well, we dont put on false beards and moustaches but we know girls recognize us by our jewllery and my sunglasses. I take them off,maybe put on a baseball cap and wear things fans wouldn't normally see me in.I try to dress a bit different.I try but it doesn't work.

Who was the last person you kissed-properly?

B-rok: Tonsil hockey?Um. I dunno. Some girl.

AJ: Let's hope so

B-rok: *gives AJ a warning look* Just some girl. In the US. How long ago? Well,we were on tour so it's been about a month.

Do you give money to homeless people?

B-rok: *seriously* I do donate money, mostly to church causes and things like that so they take care od the distribution.I have given money to homeless people in New York. If I had more money I'd give more money,y'now.

What did your report cards say?

AJ: Usually pretty good stuff. I never had bad repost cards. I always get pretty good grades exept once I got an F,for pre-algebra.I hate math. English was my favorite and I was good at it.

Desribe your ideal Saturday night

B-rok: My ideal Saturday night would be to go to the park,play some basketball for an hour till it get's dark then go back to my house and have a shower. After that I'd go pick up a friend,not anyone in particular,and we'ed go for the movies or out for dinner,like a date.

Do you believe in life after death?

B-rok: I do

AJ: Me too. I think life would be the same as it is now,expept whatever you died of,whatever injury you had would be gone,and you'd be whole again.You're normal and healthy but instead of being here, you'd be there*points heavenward*

How many girls in total have you kissed?

B-rok: Properly? *counts on his fingers* Umm...20? My first kiss was when I was about 10,in 5th grade,and the girl that I kissed-her name was Michelle-she stuck her tongue in my mouth and I was like,urrghhh!!! She was in 6th grade,an older,expirienced woman.

What's the worst thing you ever got up to in a hotel?

AJ: Weel,I'm the King of hotels when it comes to not paying my hotel bill.I'llgo through my mini-bar,take all the Cokes and orange juices and tell them I havn't had anything at all when they ask the next morning.I do end up paying for it in the long run.I got away with it for a while and then they caught on.

Have you ever cried over a girl?

B-rok: Yes! When? Oh, April 2nd...*pretends to break down*...Oh I don't really know when.It was a while ago,probablu um...1992. She broke my heart because she wasnt the person I thought she was. I liked her for a long time and when we finally started dating she turned out to be someone I didn't like.She wasnt what I had expected.

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